Mead has been around almost as long as man has. This drink used to be what the royal families would drink and the poor people couldn't have it. This wine is what I believe to be the easiest of all wines. There are a lot of different recipes for mead out there I'm going to share the most common, feel free to add any fruits or spices that you want too.

All you have to do to make 5 gallons of mead is to get 15 lbs of honey. If you buy your honey already processed then you wont have to do this step. Although getting 15 lbs of honey is cheaper to get from a bee keeper. In this case you will need to do this. Get a large pot and boil a gallon of water. Then add all your honey scraping out all that you can get. You will need a skimmer to remove any honey comb or bee parts that are in the honey. Then turn off the stove and let the honey water mixture cool down. Once its cool pour the mixture into your carboy, fill the rest of the way up with water. Be-sure to leave some air space at the top of the bottle. Then add your yeast.

Now put an airlock on top of the carboy. There is no need to add sugar to this style of wine. Leave the mead in the carboy till it stops fermenting. Then rack the mead into a 5 gallon bucket and clean the carboy. Then put the mead back into the carboy so that the leas will settle out of the wine after a week. Repeat this step a couple of times.

When its time to bottle let its setup for at least one more additional week before drinking. Mead is a good mixer with other wines or mixed with club soda, 7up or redbull.

Be sure to leave me some feedback in the message board if this helped you. This tutorial was written by Eric Richards.