Differnt kinds of beer!!!


Whats going on grapestompers. In order to view the beer recipes on this page you must have the adobe reader plug-in installed on your computer. Beer is a hobby that I am starting to get into. I will have videos on how to do this in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned in and check out our forums on this in the message boards.

These 2 recipe books are for a reference. I recommend you using the brewing calculator "Beer Smith 2.0" or greater. For those of you not willing to buy the software there is a program called "Brew Target" that is distributed for free. I have used both over the years but, I prefer Beer Smith. Just use this information and scale it to your liking. Most of the recipes found here are 5 gallon recipes unless other wise stated. I hope you find this information useful. Cheers and happy brewing...