1 Gallon Easy Grape Wine

This is one of the easiest ways to make grape wine. You just need to goto your local grocery store and get a 96 FL. OZ.(3 qts) jug of "Welches" 100% Grape Juice. Also pick up 5 lbs. of sugar and a 3 pack of "Fleischman's" Active Dry Yeast. Pour the welch's grape juice into your 1 gallon carboy and add about 2 LBS. of sugar. Its always best to use a hydrometer but this is the easy recipe. then pour 1/2 of a package of the yeast. You can top off the carboy with water but, be sure to leave the neck of the carboy for airspace and then some because the yeast will froth some in the fermentation process. After about 3 weeks rack your wine, and wait another week. Now rack your wine again and now this time you can top off your carboy with water to the bottom of the neck and wait another week. By this time its time to rack it one more time and put it in bottles. Now is not the time to drink it! you will have to wait at very least 2 more weeks and its even better the longer you wait. Be sure to leave me some feedback in the message board if this helped you. This tutorial was written by Eric Richards.